Indore is the largest city of Madhya Pradesh in India, and its commercial capital. With its historical monuments, vibrant bazaars and street food, the list of things to do in Indore is endless. You would have to spend a few days to explore the busy streets and attractions. At the end of your journey to Indore, you probably wish you have more days to spend here.  

7 Places to Visit in Indore

1) Sarafa Bazaar: Visit the vibrant street market

If you are looking at colouring yourselves in the true flavours of Indore, you are in for a treat at the Sarafa Bazaar.

Sarafa Bazaar, IndoreCC by 2.0 / erin

Indulge in the best local treats such as samosa, chaat, bhutte kas kees, dahi bada, kachori, khopra pattice and paratha. Those with a sweet tooth can satisfy their dessert cravings over some authentic Indian kulfi, jaleba, malpua, rabri and a variety of laddoo and burfi. This market transform from selling jewellery during the day to selling street food at night. So you should drop by the bazaar twice to experience both worlds of Indore’s street activities.

2) Patalpani Waterfall: Hike and imbibe the natural vibe

35 kilometres from Indore city, you can unlock the cascading waterfalls of Patalpani as you hike around the nature trails.

Patalpani Waterfall, Indore CC by 2.0 / cool_spark

Needless to say, these waterfalls make for a great picnic spot. It is always crowded on weekends when both locals and tourists flock in large numbers to spend some refreshing time by the 150-feet falls.

Being a seasonal waterfall, the water current at Patalpani Waterfall is the strongest during the rainy season. Take extra caution during the monsoon season by not getting too close to the waterfall as well as paying your attention while walking — you can easily trip over due to the slippery ground. 

3) Old Palasia – Begin your day with an authentic breakfast


Old Palasia, IndoreCC / by vitamin

If you haven’t had the tantalising combination of jalebi and poha, you haven’t basked in the flavours of Indore at all. The best way is to reach Old Palasia early in the morning. Most of the stalls are set and ready to sell by about 6 am.

Order a plate of poha or flattened flaky rice with turmeric powder, mustard seeds peanuts and potatoes. In this part of India, poha is served with a famous Indian sweet, jalebi, made by deep frying refined flour batter and treating it with sugar syrup. The savoury-sweet contrast is a sure treat to the taste buds!

4) Holkar Palace: Tour the confluence of architectural styles

The Holkar Palace is a famous structure in Indore, a beautiful combination of three architectural styles – Mughal, Maratha, and French. Some people also call the palace Rajwada, and it has more than seven floors.


Holkar PalaceCC by 2.0 / Sheetal Saini

One of the most note-worthy elements is its entrance made of a wooden frame with iron studs. Upon entering, you will see a huge courtyard surrounded by many rooms. One of the halls is the Ganesha Hall where important religious and state functions are held.

You can easily spend a few hours admiring the beauty of the structure. Drop by the palace during functions and festivals where the interior is brightly lit and colourfully decorated.

5) Kanch Mandir: Visit a temple made of glass

Kanch Mandir means Glass Temple, and glass is indeed the main feature of this temple. Kanch Mandir is a well-known Jain temple in Indore, built by Sir Seth Hukumchand Jain more than a century ago. One of the main festivals celebrated here is Mahavir Jayanti where statues of Mahavira are bathed.

Imagine walking into a monument of religious importance and finding yourself surrounded by colourful glass panels and mosaics. You will definitely be stunned by the intricate, multicolour decoration inside the temple! There are several crafted lantern-type glasses as well as cut glass chandeliers that add a contemporary touch to the temple.

6) Lal Bagh Palace: Bask in the grandeur of the Holkar dynasty


Lal Bagh Palace CC by-NC 2.0 / Axel Drainville

The famous three-storey building is the testimony of the grandeur of the Holkar dynasty. The interiors of the palace resemble that of the Palace of Versailles — complex and elegant. It is adorned with Italian marbles and cast complete with Belgian windows as well as posh chandeliers.

The palace glimmers in the three beautiful elements of rococo, baroque and neoclassical styles of architecture. It dates back to the 19th century and is a must-visit site for any visitor.

7) Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary: Trek through vegetation


Ralamandal Wildlife SanctuaryCC by-NC 2.0 /  Gunjan Karun 

Enjoy a beautiful trek amidst lush vegetation in the well-preserved wildlife sanctuary of Ralamandal. As you walk through the greeneries, you will listen to multiple songs of the birds and encounter many wildlife creatures. You could also take up a jeep safari if you want to save your energy.

One thing you should not miss here is the sunset! Get to the highest point of the trek to get an unobstructed view of the sunset. The sunset in Ralamandal is indeed worth all the sweat during trekking!


Indore has so much to offer that a single day is just not enough. To save some time, book a hotel in a good location. Radisson Blu Hotel Indore is an excellent choice as it is close to the city centre. It’s also possible to arrange tours from the hotel to famous attractions. Time to get ready for an exciting adventure in Indore!

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Feature Image: CC by 2.0 / Kirandeep Atwal