The remote Nubra Valley offers an out of the ordinary holiday experience. Set in the northern region of India, nestled between Tibet and Kashmir, getting to Nubra is an adventure in itself. The journey involves travelling along Khardung La: the highest drivable road in the world.

Best Time to Visit Nubra Valley

The best time to visit is in the warmer summer months between June and August, which is when you can enjoy the best views of the snowy Himalaya mountains that surround Nubra Valley. Known originally as the Orchard of Ladrakh, the valley is an oasis in a beautifully desolate landscape.

Tourist Attractions in Nubra Valley

The sights in this large flat valley include Panamik, which is the northern most point of India that tourists can travel to. Some of the attractions here include the medicinal hot springs that are close to the Siachen glacier and the cold desert. The sulphur rich waters are said to help with many conditions, including rheumatism.

Nubra valley camel

Activities include rides on the famous Bachrian camels through the stunning sand dunes. These are the only double humped camels you’ll find across the region.

Other famous local animals include the Pashmina goats that provide high quality wool products, such as rugs, socks and Pashmina shawls that can be bought locally. Other local produce includes the organic apricots, apples and walnuts that abound in the valley. Local markets also sell Tibetan and Kashmir artefacts, which make the perfect souvenir.

Visitors can also seek out the Hundar village: a breath-taking escape amongst the beautiful sand dunes. The village has forests of sea buckthorn, making it a vast vision of green.

In Hundar, the oldest Buddhist monastery in the whole region can be found. It is an especially popular location during the Festival of Hundar. During this time, there is traditional Cham dancing, local arts and sports, which are the highlights of the event.

Nubra-valley-sand-dunes-India (800x512)Raghavan V

Diskal is the administrative centre of the Valley and where the Diskal Monastery is found. This popular tourist attraction is 350 years old, and visitors can see the life of the Buddhist monks and the peace and beauty that surrounded them.

Food in Nubra Valley

Tourists can find places to eat at local hotels ad guest houses, with a range of Indian, Chinese and European cuisine available. The local guest houses usually have organic farms attached to them to create their dishes from the very freshest ingredients. The welcome is usually warm and offers a chance to hear about local life and traditions.


The appeal of this remote region is its landscape. It is truly an adventure off the beaten track and one filled with fascinating insights into the local community, delicious food and a taste of the region’s rich Indian culture. Nubra Valley offers an experience that will stay with you long after you have returned home.